Beau Smith - Australia
Felicity Waddell - Australia
​Morgan O'Neil - Australia
Oliver Clarke - Australia
Stephanie Apps - Australia
Fletcher Waddell - Australia
Mataya Smith - Australia
Ava McQueen _ Australia
Des Hughes - Australia
​Mel Neil - Australia
Deborah Theisen - USA
Christine Holroyd - Australia
​Rebecca Schroer - Canada
Cathy Fyffe - Australia
Sonia Lombardo - Australia
​Mariah Apps - Australia
Roshan Petch - Australia
​Rachna Petch - Australia
Kristy Waddell - Australia
​Tracey Rigby - Australia
Lisa Simpson - Australia
Linda Evans - Australia
​Melissa Campbell - Australia
​Briana Pattle - Australia
​Leonie O'Sullivan - Australia
​Rachel O'Neil - Australia
Keith Theisen - USA
Adriana O'Sullivan - Australia
Mary-Anne Lomas - Canada
​Ray Theisen - USA
Gabrielle Durand - Australia

Wall of Fame 

Magnificent Members

Wall of Fame

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Magnificent Kids!

David Simpson - Australia
Nic Baulch - Australia
Brad Willems - Australia
​Kodi Smith - Australia
​Patrice Woodland - Australia
​Dom O'Neale - Australia
Christine Rover - USA
​Sandy Curtis - Australia
​Bethanie Morrison-Little - Australia
Kate Smith - Australia
Becky Laffan - USA
Jodi O'Connell - Australia
Narelle Rigopoulos - Australia
Barbara Theisen - USA
Sue Hadley - Australia
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