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Magnificent Kids!

Magnificent Kids! features 23 Superheroes who are changing the world, and they are just like you. They have worked out what they are passionate about, what they care to change in the world, and have put ​into action projects that are making a difference.

We are looking for Superheroes to feature here. If you are doing something special for humanity, animals or the planet, let us know about it and become part of our Superhero Club House.

Yes you are magnificent! Let's have a look at who you really are and celebrate all the cool things that are completely unique to you.

So what's that thing you really want to make better in this world?
Do you know what you're passionate about and how to use that passion to contribute to a better world?

* See YOUR name on our  Wall of Fame

“We all have the capacity to be a superhero. In order to become one, you just have to find your unique power or ability and exploit it for the greater good. The cape and mask are optional accessories, but a kind heart is essential.”
~ Robert Clancy
Now it's your turn to become a superhero - after all the planet is waiting for you!

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