Toby King
Jack Andraka
Jessica Carscadden
Jordyn Schara
Liva Adelstorp
Louis Robinson
Luca Berardi
Max Wallack
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Daniel & William Clarke
Dallas Jessup
Clover Hogan
Carter & Olivia Ries
Avalon Theisen
Alyssa Deraco
Alec Urbach
So you met the superheroes already by reading a bit about them, now let's spend some time with them​ (with our ears), and let their passion inspire you to go out and create magic. They did it... so can you!
by Kerryn Vaughan
The superheroes featured in Magnificent Kids! are so passionate about what they do. They know the world can be changed by the smallest of acts, and the best thing is, they are made of the same stuff you are. They worked out what they are passionate about and found a way to maker a kinder, more compassionate world. Each and every one of us has so much to give, and our own uniqueness is that awesome thing that makes 'our' thing special. Every single kid (and adult) has the power to shine and leave the most incredible legacy.

Superhero videos

© 2014 Kerryn Vaughan

Magnificent Kids!

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