Magnificent Kids!

Magnificent Kids! - it is more than just a book about 23 extraordinary kids who are leading by example. It is a book about continual empowerment, and how role models do positively impact future generations. While there are many books out there that are compilations of stories, what stood out for me in Magnificent Kids! was one key word – “passion”. Yes, the passion that the author, Kerryn Vaughan has shown while putting this book together, and the passion that is so evident in the stellar efforts of the ‘superhero’ in each story.

Many years ago, I had the honour and the privilege of meeting Kerryn. Besides her contagious smile, her passion was something that stood out for me upon meeting her for the first time. 

Having worked with young people myself, I realise the need for books such as these. Books that will give children hope, hope that will allow them to recognise their potential, potential that will make them role models. 

This book is full of role models who are leaving behind a trail of inspiration. Each story carries a unique message. The common thread that links each unique message is that children can rise despite obstacles in their path. You will find that the person in each story did extraordinary things, and not necessarily because they believed that they were extraordinary. They did it because they allowed their passion to drive them forward, and their persistence in the pursuit of creating a better world paid off in the end.

Many of the stories in this book clearly show that if you are willing to do the best that you can, with the best that you have, then you are a winner! A winning attitude is so apparent in most of the stories you will read in this book. That winning attitude is carried by the author in her quest to empower kids all over the globe.

So, if you are a parent, a teacher, a sports coach for kids, if you work with kids with disabilities, or are involved with kids in any other capacity, I strongly suggest that you share this book with kids. Enlighten them with the gems of wisdom contained in each chapter. Let them know that their passions are worth pursuing, and their goals can become a reality if they persist. 

My belief is that every single child in the world has the ability to create something magnificent, leave a legacy behind, and be remembered for creating something magnificent. It is the role of adults to support children in creating and maintaining a self image that will allow them to create something significant. Kerryn has done an admirable job in doing just that. 

This book should be available in every single school so that children can read or hear these inspiring stories, and say to the superheroes in this book, “If you can, I can”.  

As you pick up this book to read it, please remember one thing – you have in your hands, a collection of outstanding stories that can positively impact any child’s life. Please make it your responsibility to share these stories. Pick up an extra copy for a child who will find tremendous value in these stories, and rise to their greatness. By helping others rise, you will rise yourself.

Thank you once again Kerryn for your dedication, passion and persistence in creating a better world for our future leaders (the children of today). 

Ronny Prasad – Author of WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE (simple insights for your inspiration and empowerment).  

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