“The difference one person can make has the potential to be hugely profound. Magnificent Kids! proves this over and over again. So many fantastic examples of small acts creating massive results.”
“With the utmost confidence, I know that Magnificent Kids! will not only inspire communities near and far, but will also help us to rediscover and redefine the real essence of all humanity - all seen and expressed through the simplistic eyes of an insightful child - simply brilliant!”
“Magnificent Kids! shows that by encouraging a child's special interest, they can accomplish some wonderful achievements. I like the emphasis on what the child can do instead of dwelling on the deficits.”
“The world needs this book. It's not just a dose of inspiration; Magnificent Kids! brims and bursts with inspiration, hope, boldness and a clear way forward. If we're to turn the predicament of this planet around, we need more magnificent kids like those you'll meet within these pages. I'm so moved by them all. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and here, you'll meet 23 of them who will move you to action, to be part of the change for a better society. Congratulations to all who worked on this fine and valuable project.”
Book Reviews
"From humanity and animal welfare through to environmental issues, young people have their finger on the pulse. Magnificent Kids! brilliantly shows how anybody can tackle these issues simply by following their passions. This book is one step closer to a kinder world."
“Anything is possible when we understand our own unique point of inspiration. Magnificent Kids! is a wonderful collection of inspiring stories from amazing and yet "every day" kids, who simply believe - they believe in their vision, they believe in their legacy and importantly, they believe in their capacity to change the world. In this way, they have tapped into their INSPIRATION and demonstrated what's possible. Read on...and be inspired!”
“Kerryn offers the world a true example of an individual who holds the planet and its blessings close to her heart. She gives all who have the pleasure of meeting her an opportunity to shine with respect, love and kindness, and has an amazing ability to captivate and inspire all. Kerryn has managed to capture the true essence of her heart and what she holds dear within the pages of this remarkable book. Magnificent Kids! provides a wonderful opportunity to guide our children and ourselves into a world that is available to all of us, by opening our eyes to what we are all capable of achieving, with the tools, love and inspiration to guide us.”

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Magnificent Kids!

What the experts have to say...
Magnificent Kids! - it is more than just a book about 23 extraordinary kids who are leading by example. It is a book about continual empowerment, and how role models do positively impact future generations. While there are many books out there that are compilations of stories, what stood out for me in Magnificent Kids! was one key word – “passion”. 
So, if you are a parent, a teacher, a sports coach for kids, if you work with kids with disabilities, or are involved with kids in any other capacity, I strongly suggest that you share this book with kids. Enlighten them with the gems of wisdom contained in each chapter. Let them know that their passions are worth pursuing, and their goals can become a reality if they persist. 
This book should be available in every single school so that children can read or hear these inspiring stories, and say to the superheroes in this book, “If you can, I can”.
“The young people showcased in Magnificent Kids! are indeed the leaders of tomorrow. This book clearly shows how everybody has the capacity to make a difference in this world.”
“Magnificent Kids! shows us why self esteem is one of the key ingredients to success. These kids have found their passion and risen to great heights because they ‘like’ themselves and believe in their abilities. This book proves that anybody can do great things and that little steps build amazing outcomes.”