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Magnificent Kids!

“The world needs this book. It's not just a dose of inspiration; Magnificent Kids! brims and bursts with inspiration, hope, boldness and a clear way forward. If we're to turn the predicament of this planet around, we need more magnificent kids like those you'll meet within these pages. I'm so moved by them all. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and here, you'll meet 23 of them who will move you to action, to be part of the change for a better society. Congratulations to all who worked on this fine and valuable project.”
We all have amazing gifts and talents that are completely unique to each of us, and nobody else in the world has the same set of cool things as you. You are unique and you are magnificent.

Now let's find out who you truly are...

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Magnificent Kids! by Kerryn Vaughan, started out as an idea for a book (and now the book is finished). The hope was for kids like you to see just how magnificent you actually are, and that you too can become a superhero because you are just like the kids in the book. 

If you feel good about yourself, you then want to make others feel good and this quickly extends to contributing to the planet. Every kid is magnificent! Some kids don't get told this, so they don't believe they are. They grow up believing they are less than they actually are but that couldn't be further from the truth. 
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