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Congratulations! You are here, visiting the coolest site on the planet! That means you are already a change maker. You know the world needs you and deep down you know you rock.                                                 

Magnificent Kids!  features 23 superheroes who have chosen to use their skills, talents, and passions, to make a difference, and every one of them started their project when they were younger than 18 years of age. They share stories about themselves and provide answers to the questions we most want to ask incredible people. What you will find amazing is that the kids in this book are actually just like you.

They have all set up projects that help humanity, animals or the planet. You will be blown away at what they have achieved with very little other than their determination to succeed. They have been driven by their passion, utilised their skills and talents, asked for support, and have created magic.

What's really awesome about these stories is that some are really lengthy and have a lot of detail while others tell how it all works with very few words. There is such wonderful variety. It absolutely represents how each person has their own unique style, and no matter what that style is, there is no right or wrong way to do anything and we all have a very valuable story.

Some people think you have to be the most intelligent kid in your grade to do amazing things. Not true! While some of the kids in this book are incredibly academic, it’s not necessarily the main  driver for success. In fact, all the kids share with you what they believe are the key ingredients for success. You will find that these are the very same ingredients you have in your own pantry of life.

Other people think you have to be really rich to change the world but that is also incorrect. These guys have done awesome things with very little money. In the book you can read their answers about financial assistance and some of them even used the money from their own piggy banks to get started. Some have travelled the world and visited some amazing places, and that is purely because they were driven and passionate enough to raise the funds to follow their dreams. But we don’t need to travel the globe to make a difference. The crayfish in the local restaurant would love you to set her free. The elderly lady down the road will live a happier life if you smile and chat with her when you pass by. The dog rescue centre in the next town will really appreciate your help every week, and your school might love to run a recycling program. You can even get your friends to help you raise funds for clean water wells in Africa. There is always an easy, inexpensive and local way to make a profound difference.

So let's get started...

P.S. - This is for grown ups too!

“Magnificent Kids! shows that by encouraging a child's special interest, they can accomplish some wonderful achievements. I like the emphasis on what the child can do instead of dwelling on the deficits.”   

Temple Grandin - Author of “The Autistic Brain” & “Thinking in Pictures

Magnificent Kids Magnificent Kids! features 23 Superheroes who are changing the world and shows how you can too!

Magnificent Kids!

by Kerryn Vaughan

It's important to work with others to get great things done.

On this page we share information about other people and organisations who are also working toward magnificent outcomes.

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Remember there is only one you, and you are very, very special.

​Let's look at all the cool, interesting and unique things about you.

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Do you know what you're passionate about and how to use that passion to contribute to a better world?

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We are looking for Superheroes to feature. If you are doing something special for humanity, animals or the planet, let us know about it and become part of the          superhero team.

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Magnificent Kids!

The amazing young people here are changing the world. They have each set up projects that help humanity, animals or the planet. Right now the planet needs Superheroes like these guys, and you too can make a huge difference in the world...

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Magnificent Kids! Magnificent Kids!


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Magnificent Kids!

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